Question Someone is using an App to call me at 1:30 AM wake me up.

May 14, 2019
  1. The ring is short, around a second but could be two seconds.
  2. The App will go through Do-Not-Disturb
  3. The App will make my iphone ring even if it is……* TURNED OFF **. When I check my iphone it is still turned off.
  4. I created a ring tone from music that left a 4 second gap of silence before the music started. Now the App selects what ever ring tone it wants to use that is on the list of ring tones stored on my iphone.
  5. There is nothing in the recents directory of the phone to indicate that a call had been received or attempted.

Do you know which app they are using?
Do you know how to stop the calls from coming through?

I attempted to use a faraday bag and my test by using another phone to call it while in the bag worked in actual use the prank caller was able to get through.

I know who the caller is but I have no proof.


If there is no record of a call, how do you know it's a call and not some alert that was set? Are you using other apps for communication/calls/texts?
If the phone is actually shut off, it's a brick, nothing will make it ring.

Did you contact your service provider to check call records on their side to your number?