Something wrong with Laptop Keyboard


Nov 12, 2011
I'm about two minutes away from throwing my laptop out the window.

My laptop keyboard is being unresponsive at times. Touch pad and USB mouse do work. I can't login because I have a password. I've tried just about everything so I'll list the details of what's going on, I'm willing to PayPal whoever fixes the solution $20.

-The keys do not work when the OS loads. The function keys do.
-I have tried buying an external usb keyboard and that doesn't work at all either.
-Numlock key lights is the only responsive key. Caps lock key is not responsive.
-When I am in BIOs only the right arrow works and the down arrow works. Certain letter and number keys work also. Enter key works in BIOs also. Absolutely no keys work when the OS loads though.
-When I try the onscreen keyboard at the OS login screen none of those keys work either.

Now what I have done to fix the problem:

-Tried powering down different ways, holding power button. Removing battery and plug and holding down power button for certain lengths. Waiting anywhere from two minutes to a few hours to plug everything back in. No change.
-Last night for some odd reason I tried powering down again and turning on my laptop and certain keys towards the middle and right side of my laptop worked on my laptop and all the keys on my external usb keyboard worked. I was able to login and tried reinstalling and installing the keyboard drivers. Nothing works now though.
-I've also tried reinstalling windows. No change.
-I've also tried enabling and disabling legacy support and other options in the BIOs. No change.

What the hell else can I do besides paying some laptop repair company $300 to fix this thing? I'm obviously out of my warranty period too which sucks.

Laptop is an MSI GT70. About three years old.


Apr 25, 2013
Hello Sebo

It looks like your laptop has an older version of BIOS. If you haven't upgraded your BIOS yet, please do so and check if the issue has been resolved.

Warning!! Make sure you backup your current BIOS before performing the upgrade.

You can find the latest version of BIOS for your laptop here. The link also has downloadable PDF files containing the instructions on how to upgrade the BIOS.

Let me know if this fixed the issue. Good Luck!!
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