Son of Democratic Tennessee State Lawmaker Indicted for Palin Hack

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Apr 14, 2006
[citation][nom]Wavebossa[/nom]Some of you guys are letting your hate for palin get in the way of logic. Saying she's responsible because she used Yahoo is like saying the pissdrunk girl at the party deserves to be raped.[/citation]

You're right, being pissdrunk at a party does not justify a crime against you, and our young suspect here may have to pay a pretty hefty price for breaking a law.

But at the same time, it's REALLY stupid to nominate the pissdrunk party girl to be the vice presidential candidate.


"While I think the kid should be punished for 'the hack' I believe more severe consequences should be put in place for palin, or anyone else with a position to gamble away a whole nations security like this."

I'm sorry what exactly was in these emails again? Was their Alaskan government secrets? What National secrets were exposed? Good grief people, put away the political agendas. The guy broken into someone's account (doesn't matter if it was easy or not), and should be punished for it.

Just curious - if you forget to lock the front door in your house and someone goes into your house and steals everything is it not a crime "as you made it easy" for the burglar? Should his punishment be lessened based on the easiness of committing the crime? Should you no longer be able to own a home because of your incompetence? Should you face "more severe consequences" then the burglar because of your own incompetence?


Sep 18, 2008
I have to respond to these guys saying he should be punished. You're right he should get something. Full extent of the law no way. And unless his daddy has more pull then the candiate running for vp he just might. But crimes are not equal. People here seem to think they are. Why is my tax money going only to protect the goverment officials. If you called the fbi and told them somebody broke into your email do you honestly believe they would care? Even though the goverment is supposed to work for us.

If somebody broke into my house, and got caught. Yes, he would go to jail. If somebody broke into palin's, mckain, biden, or barrok house he would go to the bay for terrorism or simply disappear. So quit pretending everything is equal even though by law it should be.

da bahstid

Oct 10, 2008
What this kid did was ultimately harmless. Maybe if he blew the cover of a CIA agent, misrepresented American military intelligence, or otherwise undermined national security I'd say he should be punished. In that sort of situation punitive measures would be perfectly justified. Given what the actual situation is, he should get fined something in the four figure range.
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