Sonos Connect Amp to Mono


Oct 28, 2013
I have a sonos connect amp that is pushing 2 Definitive Technology AW6500 speakers in backyard. My problem is stereo does not sound good because of distance between speakers. The amp does not have a mono setting in the software or a button. Is there a way to get mono sound from this setup by adding any hardware? Thanks.


Oct 19, 2011
With those speakers, I doubt you are gonna fix much!
Those outdoor speakers, if you are using them for surrounds it is one thing. But as fronts...well, it is gonna sound crappy. Zero imaging and soundstage.
if you have it connected via wires...with a little cable magic from the source device to the amp... pushing the stereo signal to mono, using a y splitter then converting this back to stereo you could essentially have a left and right channel which have both left and right audio information on them. or, if you made your own cable which was normal on source side but on the destination side was hooked up so that both left and right channels were connected to both left and right (tip and ring) so that they could crosstalk would result in the same sort of thing in a far less complex cable system. this would involve a little cable DIY on your own though.

the sonos players and amp are stereo units and have no real provisions for mono capability otherwise. the only way you will get mono sound is via a wired connection to the amp combining the signals or if the device streaming the information supports mono streaming (but then you might have only one speaker playing sound! unless it supports playing a dual-mono output.)