Question Sony A5100 non that good quality as I expected

Jul 19, 2020
Hi guys. I'm trying to setup videos recording for youtube. I'm recording mostly programming tutorials. For this I bought Sony A5100 + Sigma 16mm F1.4 + Elgato camlink. I'm also using green screen to put myself on some background related to technology. However the video doesn't feel that crisp and cool like it look in many other youtube channels. I understand that maybe they are using more expensive cameras but any recommendation from you guys to improve the quality would be appreciated. Or maybe it's not that bad and I just can see it anymore after a month of testing -_-
I'm recording 1080p prores with obs and then export it with Final Cut Pro for youtube. For the lights I have 2 45W studio day lights with umbrellas.
Here is the link with the example:

Thanks for help and for your time!