Question Why is my Youtube Upload (Playback) quality worse than others.

May 8, 2019
Hey guys, I have a question. Why is my Youtube video I uploaded seems more blurry than others' when played in the same 480p quality?

Here's my video link :
First Link : Shot with Iphone 7 (my main gear). I got the image like this
Second link: Shot with my friend's mirrorless

And here are others' video that I compared to :
Other video I was comparing to. I got image like this

I was assuming it was the camera I used. First link is shot with my main gear (Iphone 7), until I used my friend's mirrorless (second link) and still got bad playback quality.

I'm quite sure it's not my internet speed, because I'm using the same 480p to view other people's video.

I don't know if the problem is in upload setting?
I'm using Premiere Pro, and the setting is basically preset for H.264, Youtube 1080p Full HD.
I've tried changing to VBR 2 pass but it still doesn't work.

Can anybody tell me if there's anything I can do to get a good upload quality?

Thank you for your kind reply!

Jul 30, 2019
Hey man,

I just created the account to try to help you because I believe I'm having a similar problem ...


My videos, even putting the same things you said (Premiere Pro, preset for H.264, Youtube 1080p Full HD) are getting a sad quality compared to the original.

Searching on youtube I found some tips, I will post the links here, maybe they help you too:



I suggest to read the comments of the videos because there is always one that puts an idea of a possible solution.

NOTE: I am testing today (30/07/2019) all the tips, leveling and seeing what works. If I have any results I will update your post here.