sony atrac sound quality??


Dec 18, 2003
so the netMD has 3 atrac modes, the lp4 mode providing the most storage and also the most battery life. can anyone tell me what the quality of the music in lp4 mode is? ie,,,is it equivalent to 128 bitrate or more(in mp3)?


Jan 14, 2003
information is easily found on google

i can give you the bitrates of ATRAC, but not a sound comparison

ATRAC (SP) =292Kbps

ATRAC (LP1) =132Kbps

ATRAC (LP2) =66Kbps

i persoanlly use ATRAC LP1 i get 2-3 CD's on each 74min MD about 30-35 songs depending on their length

i take 4 MD's with me in my home made/custom made belt clip (can't see it under a shirt or feel it walking etc.. :p)

and get about 60 hours battery life from a single NiMh 1800 rechargable AA battery

so a music collection of 120 songs is with me at any one time, i keep all my music perminently on MD and just grab whatever music i feel like i want at the begining of the day.

i don't use ATRAC LP2 because my manual says it can introduce artifacts. (but the most recent atrac compressions might be better than the one i have, such as atrac type-r and stuff)

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