Question Sony HT-RT3 Front Speakers Plays Always With Rear


Jul 20, 2014
Hi All,
My question here is I have a Sony KD-X7500F 4K TV Connected, To A, Sony, HT-RT3 Speakers. But whatever Music or Film I play on my TV, I mean like in Netflix or Amazon Prime Or YouTube, Always hear sound from Front Speakers, Even When The Sound Plays From The Rear Speakers. Like If Rear Right Plays, Front Right, Also plays the same sound, same with the left. Is this an issue or what, Am I Doing Wrong. Is There A Sample I Can Download to check individual Speakers. Please Assist And Help, regarding's, The Same.
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You can use one of these files (PCM). DTS is not supported by the HT-RT3

How did you connect the speaker system to the TV?
Recommended: HDMI (ARC) but should work with an optical connection as well

check that the connections of the speakers in the subwoofer are correct:
(front speakers)
green > center
white > front left
red > front right

(rear speakers)
blue > SUR L
Gray > SUR R

set the HT-RT3 audio options correctly:
Press menu -> “SPK >” (Speaker) “PLACE” (Speaker placement) “STDRD

eventually adjust the distance of the rear speakers: “SUR.L”/“SUR.R” (Surround left/right speaker distance) “3.0 M”: Adjusts the distance from the seating position to the Surround Speakers from 1.0 meter to 6.0 meters.

check that the menu option “AUD >” (Audio) > “EFCT” (Sound effect) is “ON”: The sound of the selected sound field is played. It is recommended to use this setting. If it´s “OFF”: The input source is down-mixed for 2 channels.

more info:

if this doesn´t help, try:
set the AUDIO option in the TV to PCM
you can try Dolby® Digital
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