Sony MDR-7506 Heaphone, where to get customer support?


Mar 17, 2012

I've bought the Sony MDR-7506 Heaphones 3-4 months ago and the left side does a weird buzzing noise. From what the included papers with it say Sony offer 1 year guarantee on these, but where to get the customer support?

The normal Sony customer support told me that I should look here because it's a "pro" product

But none of the e-mail there ever contacted me back and I'm not a huge fan of calling because I'm not used to actually talk in English

It's kind of urgent because it seems to make more and more buzzing noise every week and these are my only source of audio on the PC. I'm pretty disappointed because 40$ sony headphones lasted 5+ years but these supposed "pro" ones broke after 3 months

So does anyone know where I can get e-mail support for these? I want a replacement