Sony Vaio black screen when booting


Dec 9, 2012
I have a 2 year old Sony Vaio VPCEE2M1E (PCG-61611M)

I recently had to replace the hard drive, which was reporting errors all over the place and causing the laptop to run painfully slowly.

Got Win 7 Pro 64-bit installed without problem, and was using it for a couple of days trouble free with 1 small exception.

on boot-up, when the windows logo screen was displayed, it started distorting, like a TV signal does when it gets interference. Obviously, a laptop screen shouldn't do this. It distorted in exactly the same way each time.

But aside from that, no issues at all.

Then a few days ago I went to boot, and it just wouldn't start. The green power light comes on, and the battery and HDD LEDs on the front flash (as normal), as do the NUM lock & CAPS locks lights.

they all go off, and the power light stays on, but the screen is black.

I can open the CD tray, and can hear the fan.

No beeps at all, and I've shone a flashlight at the screen, and it's completely blank.

I've swapped out the RAM, and this makes no difference.

I then have to hold down the power switch to switch it "off", and by trying to switch it on and off for some time, it eventually started again. I set it so that closing the lid merely but it into sleep mode, and continued to use it for some days, and then the unit got unplugged, and the next time I went to use it, it had powered off.

And now I can't get it to start at all, but cannot get beyond the black screen!

I've also removed the battery, and power, and held on the power switch, but that makes no difference.

any suggestions?



Sep 14, 2010
I would try a few things.
I don't know exactly what steps that you did with the battery, but if not already tried, boot-up without the battery installed to see if that resolves anything.
2. Try only booting up with the battery and no external power.
3. Reseat all of the memory modules; There may be one hidden underneath the keyboard in addition to the one or two in a bottom door-panel.


Dec 9, 2012
Thanks Danny

There's only the 2 DIMMs and both accessible from the underside cover. These have been removed, and reseated, and swapped around, all to no avail.

I've even tried pressing them down at switch on (as per something I came across on YouTube), but again this didn't work.

Before the HDD was swapped, this was never a problem, so they could be related?

I'm going to take out the RAM and HDD and clean up all the contacts, I think. (I have electronic cleaning fluid)
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