Sony vaio vpcee21fx black screen on startup( will boot up sometimes)


Sep 29, 2015
For the last few days my laptop will not get past the blank black screen when I first turn it on. I can get it to turn on probably once out of 50 times by pulling battery out while it's on and then plugging the cord in without the battery, and powering it up that way. Once I do get past the black startup screen every once in a while, the laptop runs perfectly fine. I have no idea what to do at this point. Laptop will never start up on the first initial try. It can take me up to 15 minutes of resetting just to get it to boot up sometimes. Can someone help me please? any ideas? thank you!

Please do try and disable all your startup items first. Go to Task Manager and on the Startup tab disable all the startup items listed then reboot the laptop. Next is to uninstall/reinstall the ACPI complaint driver for your battery inside Device Manager. Lastly, a factory reset might be necessary to resolve this issue as the OS might had been damaged or corrupted already and the cause of this issue.

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