Sony Vegas home movie studio HD 11 - hardware to make it run smoothly


Oct 25, 2013
Hi All!
Ok So i am building brand new rig to be able to edit home videos with effects, transitions and all that. Personally, I do not care too much about how long it takes to render the finished product. What I do care about is how smoothly the program runs while editing (HD, 3D)

The rig
CPU -i5 4670
Ram - 16 GB Corsair vengeance
MOBO - Asus H87 Pro
no GPU (as everyone seems to have problems with them and my version of vegas dose not support one)

What would like to know, have a got a good enough build to do have it run smoothly while editing, or do I need more ram? or the i7 4770?

The RAM should be fine. I use Premiere Pro CC for editing with 16GB of RAM and have had no issues with playback with effects and transitions. If Vegas Movie Studio 11 is able to take advantage of multithreading then the i7 4770 (8 threads vs. 4 for the i5 4670) might be the better choice. Both use the Intel HD Graphics 4600.