SOPA Shelved After White House Petition Response

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Apr 2, 2010
Rezco/communist chinese funded (for kick backs)Harvard Lawyer obama's track record is to do the exact opposite of what he says:

protect americans rights and privacy? obama acion: signed the extension of the patriot act and demanded the NDAA law he signed on jan 1 2012.

close gitmo? obama action:hell no lets expand on it NDAA first action of the new year was he signed this bill into law jan1 2012 (national defense authorization act)

create jobs? obama action: hello no, lets expand on shipping jobs overseas and negotiates and signs ASFTA (american-sino free trade agreement) on feb 2011. hello kick backs to major campaign contributor communist china and a trade deal that has no benefit what so ever to america (democrates all across the board lobbied and swindled into believing we'd get it all back in farm product sales just like the failed NAFTA and PNTR with China already proved completely dead wrong) good bye restrictions to protect american jobs and innovations now everything can not only be outsourced to all of asia and india, but rewards communism (Korea both north & south, vietnam, and china) with what little is left of americas wealth and creativity and allows all corporations to flee american taxes and workers wages and taxes as well as work place laws and restrictions and environmental laws and restrictions. oh yeah and hand out grants and contracts to foreign corporations from the jobs stimulus bill (esp communist chinese ones) to upgrade americas infrastructure and support american military war efforts.

end the wars in iraq and afganistan? obama action: send more troops and pour outrageous amounts of money into haliburton to fund it's subsidiaries to put american troops on their pay roll and have explicit access to desired soldiers whose contracts with the military are ending to recruit, arm and take direction from american military and white house directives in fighting the wars with a covert private mass army operation numbering 20,000-80,000 in each theater of war as needed (mercs on demand aka private iraqi/afgan security forces). oh yeah and expand search and destruction capabilities to apply to americans on american soil with no just cause, thanks NDAA jan 1 2012

fix health care? obama action: hello no, let just copy failed/failing communist systems that even simple math proves does not work and steal, erm, pay for it with medicare and medicaid taxes that are already insufficient to already meet those communist programs needs. oh yeah, and everyone illegal or legal (like inmates and the jobless) is required to have it and if they can't afford it, those people who make money will pay for them. aka make the ones who make money pay for themselves and every one else in america too.

fix immigration and illegal immigrant problems? obama action: lobby for DREAM act, block states from enacting and enforcing immigration laws, blocking federal agencies from enforcing federal immigration laws and ordering federal agencies to not go after the employers, disregard american laws and fund illegal immigrants ( even grossly 20 year illegal immigrants uncle Onyango and aunty Zeituni Obama, also kenyan illegal immigrants who collect welfare and social security and unemployment benefits as well as driving while intoxicated).

fix the economy? obama action: bailed out GM and Chrysler while negotiating the ASFTA trade agreement which he made and signed full well knowing the implications of which will kill ford gm and chrysler unless the leave the country to manufacture their products at costs competitive with the unrestricted non trade taxed exported goods that are flooding america currently with some restrictions that aren't enforced. bailed out banks that jumped on board to scam americans during the housing bubble after pot smoker slippery willy clinton pushed fannie and freddie to make loans to every person who was a minority that couldn't afford to buy a house or pay a loan back after pot smoker slippery willy clinton removed glass stegal act created to stop this exact financial meltdown scam it was created for to stop the same very scam back in the 1930s that caused the great depression the day after gore lost to brain damaged crack smoker bush jr that the bankers ' lobbied ' democrats to do and then lobbied brain damaged crack smoker bush jr to reform bankruptcy laws to banks favor so they can collect their debt no matter what. obama has not reinstated this act,has not repealed the bankruptcy reform law giving banks the complete advantage, obama has not reinstated this act the sole law prohibiting them from doing exactly what they did or what happened in the 1930's and what is still going on to this very day right now if you have not paid attention to the legal notices in your news papers that spawn 4 sections of all news papers and are composed of 8 or more pages in each section even in local news papers.
obama has in fact done nothing to stop or curb banks from continuing or stopping their scam, in fact he has rewarded them repeatedly by bailing out their banks where each parent bank buys back the troubled home loan with one of it's subsidiaries clear of toxic debt at a fraction of the price they sold it to congress for, collected loan insurance from and start the process all over again if they can not foreclose on the home and sell it to new victims to repeat the cycle as often as they can get away with.

i could go on and on with facts proving what we already know, every politician is a liar, cheat, and thief.
i draw the line at treason, i figured somebody would have assassinated bush jr, i was wrong.
i figured the KKK would have assassinated obama by now, so far i am wrong, kudos to the secret service, but if comrade obama osama signs SOPA and or PIPA i don't hold much hope of the idiot liberal communists of assassinating obama, but it would be a most delicious feat to witness if they do. i could even find it in my heart to declare them not guilty as their juror and recommend they be awarded the distinguished citizens service medal even if 40 major television networks filmed the entire incident.
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