sound bar with optical digital audio out


Aug 23, 2017
Hi I have a soundbar Panasonic SC-HTB688EGK sound bar. It only has an optical in connection, whereas my TV Toshiba model 39L2333D does not. Is there a way how to connect?
I have neither the manual, nor your particular TV at hand, so I can't verify. But Toshiba' page for your TV refers to this manual, so I assume it's correct.

Just look at the interface panel, and check what connections you have. If in doubt, make a picture, post it on eg, so we can see what's available.
Specs for that TV show it has a coax digital audio outputm analogue audio output and a headphone jack.
You can get a converter to change coax to optical digital audio.
You will need a coax digital cable and toslink optical cable as well.
If the soundbar also has an aux input use that with the analogue audio or headphone connection.