Sound does not work properly!!!

Alexandar Tenchev

Jul 24, 2013
Before 2 days, a problem appeared. Sound like from a broken microphone sounded from my headphones. I tried everything to fix it, but nothing helped. Changed the audio driver, went in the options of the sound. My friend adviced me to download an antivirus program. Don't know what it did, but my sound went ok for a day. Than it broke again. I reinstalled my OS, changed drivers, deleted all the files which i suspect and still that sound was there. The interesting thing is that the same thing is sounding from the laptop. I changed from options only left side of the headphones and the laptop speakers to work. It gives clear and good sound. I'm searching for solution, because the laptop is in warranty, but if its a software problem they will tax me.


Oct 7, 2008
It does sound like a hardware issue if I understand you correctly.

I think you are saying that you used the balance slider to push all sound to only one speaker and it sounds OK but when you balance the audio between both speakers, you get excess noise... on one channel?