Sound from VIZIO E420d-A0 42-inch fluctuates from low volume to high volume w/o any changes being made


Nov 27, 2008
As the title says. I have my Vizio connected to my computer via HDMI, and this problem has been occurring over the years despite the services calls I made to have the motherboard inside the tv replaced (Didn't fix the problem).

What happens is whenever I use the TV as the default audio signal on my PC, the volume will literally fluctuate as if someone is controlling the volume settings and bringing it from 0-100% and 100%-0%. When it reaches max volume you can hear the static in the speakers and its very unappealing. After trying to fix it from a year ago, I am back to where I started and would like a solution if anyone has any insight on this matter.

Currently I am using independent speakers which doesn't present the same issue as with the HDMI enabled audio from the Vizio TV.
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