Sound is crashing my computer


Aug 11, 2016
Hello and thanks for helping me out!

So I recently ran into some pretty critical issues with my comptuer and after trying almost everything I have narrowed my problem down to sound.

About 5 days ago I had just fixed my wifi issues with my computer and decided to play a game of league at normal ping finally! Unfortunately my game started to sound very crackly and soon after my entire computer froze with a repeating almost buzz sound coming from my speakrs.

I figured this was a video issue and completely reinstalled all of my graphics drivers and even updated my bios and firmware and figured i fixed the problem.

Now i have found a surefire way to bring up my issue. When I am playing a song on Spotify my sound is perfect and my computer is fine but the instant i luanch WoW the sound starts to get distorted and eventually it crashes with the same repeating buzz sound.

WoW works but is crackly as long as I am not playing music and the sound is not too loud.

The only thing I know is that these problems started occuring after windows auto updated and my ui changed slightly (for instance now when i click on the windows button there is a list of my recent apps and such and now some useless games are on my computer).

Unfortunately I tried to fix this problem by reseting my comptuer to windows 10 and now am unable to roll back before any previous updates.

Ive looked everywhere online and can not find anyone with the same problem as me.

can anyone help me figure this out?

I am using an MSI GP62 2QE Leopard Pro

OS: Windows 10
OS Version: 1607
CPU: intel i7 5700HQ