Sound just stopped working.


Jan 12, 2012
Hey guys, i have encountered a problem i hope someone can assist with.

My pc just randomly decided to cut sound from the front audio and mic jack, none fo them work, the usbs do but those two dont, literally in the middle of a video it just stops, it wont even work on my surround sound that i use to play games on when i swap cables.

I have a Zalman Z9 case and a Gigabyte Z68 UD3P motherboard, i have no idea, i opened it up to see if the cables had broken, nope, i reinstalled drivers and even system restored, nothing.

It's beyond a joke as the back holes wont work either, i just dont know how to fix it and it's quite frustrating.

Anyone able to help? Thanks!


Dec 5, 2011
I'm not an expert on the subject but seeing as how there are no replies yet, maybe I can at least help narrow this problem down.

1. Do you still get sounds occasionally? If so, does it always stop in the middle of video? Does it stop in the middle of anything else? Is there anything in particular that you do when it stops?

2. So you get sounds from USB but not the front or rear panels? Did you check to make sure all the internal audio headers were probably seated and free of dust/corrosion? Is there anything stuck inside any of the audio jacks?

3. Are you sure your audio line is working? Have you tried testing with another known headset/speaker using a working cable?

4. Assuming you have all the correct sound/video drivers/codecs, and your BIOS audio settings are correct, is your system Time/Date correct? Have you tried to run Windows System File Checker to make sure there are no corrupt OS files?

5. Have you made sure there were no unknown or disabled devices in the Device Manager? Confirmed all proper settings in Volume control? Confirmed all proper settings in Sounds and Audio Devices? Ensured that Start>Run>services.msc Windows Audio is Started/Automatic for Status/Startup Type?

6. Is there any hardware/software changes you made before this audio problem started happening?
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