Sound problem with new gaming laptop, sound on games only work about 50% of the time


Jul 12, 2017
I recently got a new gaming laptop, an MSI GL62MVR 7RFX and every so often I encounter a sound problem (usually with steam). Sometimes when I play a steam trailer on the games page, I'll hear a static sound through the headphones before it starts, and the trailer often keeps restarting. Also lately I've been unable to hear sound from about 50% of my games (some games still work regardless). The games that I can't hear sound from do play sound, but only sometimes, and after a while of restarting and waiting, randomly when launching the game again I'll hear sound.

Today I was playing a game, then I exited. I then started browsing steam games in the store and watching trailers, then I decided to play a youtube video in the background, simultaneously while watching the trailers, all of a sudden I heard a static headphones noise, the youtube video stopped, and so did the steam trailer. I refreshed the youtube video and it was working again w/sound. But then I went to play that same game I was playing before, only this time I could hear no sound (although there is still sound elsewhere). So I'm not sure if there's a connection between the two?

I have tried
-Updating my sound and audio drivers
-Checking the sound mixer to make sure everythings on
-Updating windows to the latest version
-Restarting my laptop
-Checking sound enhancements (I don't have any)

None with any avail, the sound to these steam games just seem to randomly start working again after a while, and I haven't figured out the cause. Any solution would be appreciated, thanks


Jul 12, 2017

Thanks for the response, I've had it about a week. But I don't think it's an actual fault or damage, I think it's something that can be fixed, because it tends to alternate between working and not working, and that's only for like 50% of the games. Sound in general works so I don't think it's broken.

Update: I read up about one of the sound features on msi laptops called nahimic and disabled it, right after doing so the sound on these broken games began working again. It might be a coincidence or it might've been the fix, I'll wait a while and see.
Oct 12, 2018
how is it now? Cause im using ROG Strix Hero and my laptop also have the same problem. Most of the games have only 50% of the sound and some even have no sound at all I really hope that someone found a solution to solve this problem cause i have been spending so much money buying games and most of the times i feel very disappointed just because i cant hear any sound of the game.
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