Sound still coming from TV after bluetooth setup, and not headphones

Sep 14, 2018
I recently purchased a BlueTooth Audio Transmitter, I have an older model (2011) Samsung LN37D550 37-Inch 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV... My bluetooth headphones are paired to the transmitter, and the transmitter is connected to Audio Component in back of TV via Red and White audio cables (There is no headphone jack), I can't get sound to come from headphone and it is still transmitting from the TV speakers. Any ideas?
You can't get sound because you need to connect the BT transmitter to an audio output not an input.
The specs for the D550 series show that there should be an 3.5mm analog audio output. If your TV only has optical audio output then you will need to get a transmitter with optical input or an optical to analog converter to use the one you have.
Check the TV manual on how to turn on the optical output. You may have to turn the TV speakers off and change the audio output type to PCM.
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