Sound system not using both speakers


Nov 29, 2012

For whatever reason, my sound system is only able to output to one speaker at a time. Either speaker works, and works well, but I cannot get both functioning at once.

I have an older Technics system, front here:

Now I also had the issue of the voices, say, on a TV show, sounding ridiculously quiet in comparison to the background music/ambiance, that was resolved with a simple turn of the balance knob. when balanced, the issue persists, but crank it most of the way left or right, no matter which speaker is actually on, and it sounds great, just out of one speaker.

Here's how everything's wired at the moment, I believe left speaker is on top while the right is on the bottom, but I am not currently sure. It's potentially noteworthy that the bottom speaker wires work just the same when wired in the two other red slots, currently unoccupied.

And, finally, my RCA cables. The left is just my VCR, might or might not be plugged in where it should be but that's not relevant. the right is obviously going straight to my TV's Audio output, and yes, white to white and red to red.

If you have any ideas, let me know, I'm about out of them. Thanks everybody!


Nov 29, 2012
Resolved: Speakers were wired wrong- 2 in red and black as opposed 1 red 1 black, positive and negative of course. It's been awhile since I did anything on this system and somebody that wasn't me left it a way they shouldn't have, but regardless, all is well now. For future reference and anyone who cares, the wires of each speaker were silver and copper. What you have to do is put, in my case, a silver on top and a copper on the bottom of the first column, and keep it consistent for each subsequent speaker you hook up, in my case just the other one.

Anyway, false alarm, if this helps anyone, great, I'm leaving it up.
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