Question Soundbar won’t output sound

Jun 21, 2019
Hi I have a samsung Tv and older model
Model# UN32EH4003FXZA

And I’m attempting to use a onn soundbar through RCA Cables concert to AUX so that it can plug into the soundbar as my Tv have no optical port
Specs on that TV show that it doesn't have any audio outputs at all.
Your options are to connect any external sources to the soundbar directly. An HDMI input selector with audio extraction would allow you to connect their HDMI outputs to the selector. The selector HDMI out goes to the TV. The selector audio output (usually has both optical and analog) would go to the soundbar. Use optical if the soundbar has that.
The only option if you need to get audio from the TV tuner to the soundbar is to remove the back of the TV and connect a speaker to line level converter to the wires that go to the internal TV speakers. That will give you an audio output compatible with the aux input of the soundbar.
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