Sounds starts crackling and stops completely


Nov 30, 2017

for a few weeks im having a strange problem with my laptop. After gaming or doing anything that requires the laptop to "work" alot, the sound starts cracking, buzzing and just bugging up generally. First you hear a crack coming from the speakers then after 5 seconds it sounds like the sound goes from stereo to mono and after another 5 seconds it shuts off completly. And also you hear a small sound after that, i dont know how to describe it but i wont go away until i close ALL programs, even when im on chrome and not browsing anything that has sound on the website, i even need to close that.

I feel like the laptop is overheating but HW monitor says the temperature is around 70C (158F).

Im not a computer guy but i have already opened the laptop and cleaned the fans which seemed ok and ive also bought a cooling pad but nothing of that helped.

I hope someone can help me... and sorry english isnt my first language.

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