Question SPDIF_O to Optical In. PC to Home Theater

Feb 6, 2021
I brought this from my Local online shop(Shopee Asia), a 3-pin SPDIF Daughter Card(+5v, spdif, gnd) to be specific. then my Motherboard is GA-A320M-DS2(v 1.0), my Home theater is a Samsung DVD Home Theater System C330(HT-C330)Asia.
I follow the instruction I found on the seller, my motherboard's manual and on the internet. Then I saw a red light so I thought its working but its not and I check the Optical cable and its working good. Installing some drivers(from gigabyte-fail, realtek-fail, modded drivers-fail) At the moment my drivers got corrupted so ill reformat this later.

Please Help. Thank you.
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