Question Speaker sounds inverted?

Dec 26, 2019
Alright so I've been telling my friend that I was going to fix up his logitech z506 surround sound system well about 6 hours ago I bought it from him instead to keep and took about the rear right speaker but to my surprise there is nothing visually wrong with the speaker everything is in tact and all wires are connected properly but everything sounds inverted there is no bass at all and the vocals are very very distant(this is only on the rear speakers the others are fine and the main controller speaker doesnt work at all and it has been dropped a lot so I assume a wire disconnected)
If you are using the 5.1 inputs then:
Vocals come out of the center channel speaker.
Bass comes out of the subwoofer only.
Surround speakers are for surround effects and may not produce any output at all depending on the content.
If you are using the 2.0 input then the 3D effect built into the speakers will create a pseudo surround sound effect but not the same as stereo duplicated out of all the speakers.
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