Speaker Suggestions


Nov 27, 2010
Hey Pros,
I just picked up a pair of SS-MF515 tower speakers and a SS-CN100 center channel at a garage sale for next to nothing. A couple questions:

1) I'm not an audio geek, but would like a mid range surround system. Can I work with these, and if so:
a) Do I need a sub, if so, any recommendations?
b) What are some recommendations on rear channel speakers that will work well with these?
c) Suggestions on a receiver? I may want to upgrade components down the road, but i'll never go beyond 5.1.


2) Should i just try to sell these and make a profit? :)

Any help would be great, i've gotten some really great feedback here in the past!




Nov 27, 2010
So what would qualify as "the same" for rear speakers given the center and towers I've got? Can I shop for new ones with certain specs, or is there a specific model number i should scour ebay / clist for?


Oct 15, 2007
you could look at the theile small parameters to try and match the resonant frequency.. but that isnt going to make a complete match.

things like:
frequency response
phase curve
impedance curve
these things can help make a match.. but it doesnt complete a match when one speaker sounds cold while the other speaker sounds hot.

the best advice is the most rational.
you could try to listen to the speakers for a long time to learn and memorize how they sound.. but, your room might add character to the speakers and over emphasize what you are hearing.
i say this because when you go to a store, the store has really really high ceilings and no walls around.
the characteristics of the air is also different.
(usually there is a lot more air in the building without any of the other stuff found in houses)

if you want the mind-blowing special effect of 3D sound, you should at least start with the phase curve being the same.
because if your front speakers are much different than the rear speakers, you'll be cancelling out the precious special effects.

the next step can be more of a personal preference.. because some people might want the frequency response to be the same
other people might find a warm speaker working together with a cold speaker extremely annoying.
it is best to have both the same, but again.. one might be a higher annoyance than the other.
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