Speakers/headphones refuse to work despite all software saying it's fine

Sep 18, 2018
When plugging in speakers to my newly assembled PC it registers them being put in, installs the driver, and then says it's outputting sound properly. No error messages, all my troubleshooting returned no problems.

Well, no set of speakers or headphones I've plugged in has worked. All I hear is a very distant electric beep or wavelike noise occasionally, whether or not any sound is actually playing on the PC... Microphones seem to work, drivers are all updated, does anyone have any ideas?

My motherboard is an ASRock B450M-HDV
Sep 18, 2018
Question from personwhodoesthingswrong : "Speakers/headphones refuse to work despite all software saying it's fine"

No audio outputs work, front panel and MOBO both.
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