Jan 18, 2011
i have this computer dell dimension e520 with a different monitor which has no speakers,what is the cheapest but best speakers for this computer i could use please!


Oct 15, 2007
my mother got a pair of these with her computer:

they definetely dont sound like cheap fleamarket stuff.
and they lose their charming sound if you turn them up real high.
but they have a unique sound that fits well inbetween the usual junk and something considered high-end by bose.

they are dull.. but not lifeless.
or maybe its lifeless, but not dull.

its been like four years since i have heard them, and i am going on memory.
i know that i would choose them over a random pair of headphones.
they have an elegant sound that makes them higher class than the majority of other products that are built simply for the function of having audio .. and/or simply for the function of playing loud .. and/or simply for the function of having 4.1/5.1 speakers.

there were a lot of these 'fill a void' speakers from the early 2000 - 2005 era.
but these speakers sound better.

i mean.. i have gone to electronics stores and listened to some of the computer speakers they have on display.
and i like these speakers better because they have a refined sound.
the stuff on display doesnt have anything crisp to them.
they are loud and obnoxious with no detail.
the speakers i linked to are soft and detailed.
maybe its hard and detailed.. and because they are hard, you cant turn them up without losing the sound quality.

but anyways.. i said if you turn them up, you lose sound quality.
obviously there was some sound quality there to lose.
other speakers distort and crackle when you turn them up.

i really think the other speakers try to emphasize pushing air with the speaker cone.
the speakers i linked to dont try to push air at all.
and there is nothing left for them to do except produce a quality sound.

the subwoofer in the speaker set work.
it doesnt get down to subwoofer levels.. but it does provide the bass that the main stereo speakers cannot reproduce.

the overall listening experience is pleasant.
and that is a whole lot better than listening to speakers simply for the sake of having audio.

i figure that because they dont make these speakers anymore, you should be able to find some used.. which will knock down the price considerably.
and aside from that, they are made by a company known for sound quality.
harmon kardon has their name on these.. and that should mean a lot more than something with 'creative' or 'logitech' on the box.

good luck finding a pair for sale.. but if you do find some, they shouldnt go for more than $30 - $40
but i would consider that cost to be a fair price for the speakers alone.. and you would be well invested to pay additionally for shipping.

just read the fantastic review at

another review on this amazon page:

ebay has quite a few of these speakers for sale at the time of this post.


Sep 9, 2009
I agree on that but $100 PC speakers are by no means "cheap", now if you're talking about REAL speakers with wooden cabinet and that require a dedicated amp, then yes it could be considered cheap.


Oct 15, 2007
it does cost quite a chunk of money to put the pieces together and build a hi-fi system yourself.
you gotta do the research to get the speaker selection correct.
and its no good having those high quality speakers if the amplifier cant play the details.


Dec 19, 2009
most amplifiers can play details fine. but obviousy its not going to cost a 100 is it?

i just dont see why the OP cant jsut buy a good pc speakers, if he can afford a PC....

this is a similar situation to a GFX card, .... ill buy a pc, now can anyone help me to find some cheap graphics card, that wont even allowed me to play a game????.... -.-


Oct 15, 2007
you are right.. most of the amplifiers for sale are more than $100
even the cheap stereo ones are more than that.
there are amplifier kits on ebay for as little as $15 for 85watts x 2
you need to have a powersupply that puts out 20-30volts.. and that usually comes from a toroidal coil.. but that adds to the cost.
and i havent heard the sound quality to push the project onto other people.

but i dont think you are being totally fair.
there should be some high-er quality speakers for less than $100
if you build a thousand of them, you can save money by buying the parts at wholesale cost.
that allows profit to be made easier, and that allows the product to be sold for less.

with graphics cards.. sometimes there is a game you want to play and the benchmarks dont show that game.
and why would you purchase one of the cards currently for sale at all the stores when you can pick up an older generation graphics card used and for substantially less.

its one thing to purchase a graphics card that can play the games of today and the games of tomorrow.
but its another thing entirely to purchase a graphics card to play ONE game that you want to play.
now, if the game was released recently.. you would be correct to purchase one of the low value solutions available at one of the stores.
but you can also find a deal on a used card because people are upgrading.
the difference is buying only what you need .. compared to buying something that is going to work in the future.

for example.. if you found someone that wanted to play a bunch of directX 9 games
why would you recommend a gtx200 or gtx400 series card when they could save a bundle by purchasing a 9800gtx and play all the games okay.
its 'getting in the game late' and are willing to play the games of yesterday because they are cheaper.

besides.. maybe the original poster spent all their money on the computer and are looking for something inexpensive that is worthy of appreciation.
people are allowed to set a goal.. and they are allowed to make a point to whatever extent they desire.

i mean.. who doesnt like getting a 'bang for the buck' product?
there are people who are willing to sacrifice some of the features that come with the highest quality hardware.
and that puts them in a lower price category.. so looking for one of the best products available that fits the price category is within reason.

i think speakers have a power handling category.
lots of the hi-fi stuff are capable of handling 100watts
but what about the 10watt - 30watt category?

i've heard some altec lansing subwoofers (the 4 inch subs) that have impressed me quite a bit.
and then when i see all of the competition that also use a 4 inch subwoofer (and they all sound like cheap crap)
i think its kinda cute to research the competition and win the fight of getting the most for your money.
but i think people dont spread information by word of mouth and reviews enough to make the hunt enjoyable.
i dont like buying something.. bringing it home.. then finding out it was a waste of money.
you waste gasoline going back to the store.. and then you might get hit with the ultimate frustration 'we only give store credit.. no refunds'