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  1. J

    Dell Inspiron 15 3537 caddy dimension

    i want to buy HDD Caddy but i dont know what dimension i saw there where 3 of them and seller ask me witch one i need 9 mm , 9,5 mm or 12,7 mm dimension of optic unit . so witch one do i need?
  2. W

    i have a blank 70 gb hdd ida hard drive with 2.5 gb of ram and a intel pentilum 4 any os suggustions would beapperciated thx

    Dell dimension 8400 came with windows xp, os for light we browsing and such, xp was corrupt
  3. TomW50

    Looking for Sound Max Drivers for Windows XP dor a Dell B110/1100. No dell does not have the correct drivers

    I am llloking for the Sound Max Audio drivers for a dell dimension b110/100. No dell does not have the correct drivers.
  4. A

    Bass on Headphones

    My friend has a EACH G200 a really cheap headset here are the specifications: Driver diameter: 50mm Impedance: 32Ohm Sensitivity: 114dB +/- 3dB Frequency range: 20-20KHz Mic dimension: 6.0 * 5.0mm Mic sensitivity: -34dB +/- 3dB Mic impedance: 2.2kohm Directivity: Omnidirectional And I have...
  5. Z

    Upgraded Dell Dimension 9150 from XP to Win 7

    Have upgraded Dell Dim 9150 from XP to Win 7, did a clean install using new Win 7 Installation Disk. When I go to Dell Site for Updates for Win 7 it recognises my Dell Service Code and says I have Win XP installed and refuses to give me updates for Win 7. How can I fix this please Znord737
  6. R

    RAM Upgrade Issue

    Hello! I have a Dell Dimension 9150 (Old I Know) and I was trying to upgrade my RAM a bit and after I went past two gigabytes the computer failed to boot and I was left with an annoying beeping noise coming from the motherboard. Is this desktop only capable of using two gigabytes or am I doing...
  7. L

    The Dell Monitor stays yellow and does not go to green, I have Dell 310 Dimension. There is only 3% of space on local Hard d

    Re: Dell Monitor stays constantly in the amber yellow mode. I need to remove/backup files on local hard disc C. There is only 3% of space on this hard drive. I I have a Dell E10 Dimension PC and a Dell monitor. I am attempting to transfer files to a 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive to free...
  8. M

    Help, get value Attributes Block and Dimensions to Excel by Autolisp

    Hi all, I have a drawing with Attributes and Dimension. I want get value Attributes and Dimensions to Excel (2010) (view file Now.rar attachment). Please, help me get value Attributes and Dimensions to Excel by autolisp. Thank you very much! File...
  9. N

    Adi codec for Dell Dimension 8400 windows 7

    Please send me a link to download ADI Codec for Dell Dimension 8400 running Windows 7. Thank you.
  10. T

    Dimension 4100

    its actually a desktop dimension 4100
  11. G

    15 Wild Displays, Coming Your Way

    Transparent, translucent, edgeless, curved, bendable, dimension-shifting--these are just a few of the exotic screen prototypes we saw at the Society for Information Displays show. 15 Wild Displays, Coming Your Way : Read more
  12. K

    Compact receivers audio

    Hello, I've been searching for a "compact" receiver for a 16'X16' room The compact dimension I am most interested in is the depth of the unit, wanting it to be under 15", including the cables portruding from the rear.
  13. F


    i have this computer dell dimension e520 with a different monitor which has no speakers,what is the cheapest but best speakers for this computer i could use please!
  14. M

    Dimension e520 video card

    Hello,how do you transfer photos from the card to the computer?
  15. K

    Can i add hdmi to my dell dimension 9100? I have no hdmi slot, and I want to up

  16. B

    Suitable Projector Setup for me

    Hi All, I am going to setup the home theatre in my hall, coz i had to put my kitchen in my home theatre room ;) All i have is this room, i drew something in basic paint to show the dimension, attached is the pic. I will be siting at arround 10 or 13' from the screen. I can keep my projector...
  17. B

    Problems dell dimension 4550

    Hi i'm having problems with a dell dimension 4550. When I power on the system Windows XP starts but the home screen starts the system freezes up. I installed the dell wireless 1450 USB and the driver has an error.
  18. S

    Where to begin?

    I have an antiquated yet tenacious Dell Dimension 8300 w/ integrated sound. but I am soon to get a decent laptop. Where should I begin looking toward a versatile and reasonably priced sound system suiting either machine. It should preferably include tweeters, midranges, and a woofer considering...
  19. O

    Dell dimension 1100

    I have a problem with multimedia controller tried realtek ac 97 the computer rejected it after starting to install it
  20. G

    Dell dimension xps t500 drivers

  21. G

    Left handed cameras

    I'm involved within my local community group. We're trying to ressurrect our Community Newsletter. As you can appreciate this requires photographs to create another dimension within the tabloid. However as I suffer from a strain of cerebal palsy (can't use my righ arm/hand) I require a left...
  22. A

    No sound driver for my Dell Dimension 5150

    Hey all, Would really appreciate if someone could help me. I had to get a new hardrive for my computer as it was ruined, and now I can't get any sound, I've downloaded drivers from Dells website and still nothing. & yes the speakers are plugged in correctly. I would really appreciate your help...
  23. D

    How to Get Full Screen Video (Movie) on Asus Eee PC 1000

    When I play a movie on my Asus Eee PC 1000, it does not fill the screen in either dimension. It appears as if it is framed (not letterboxed). I cannot get full screen in WinDVD 5 or Windows Media Player. These players work fine on my home computer, filling the screen in at least one...
  24. G

    JPEG image with wrong dimension

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) Hi all, here a challenge for who wants help me.. I have a jpg pic of 700 KB.. When I open it I see the image with 160x120 pixels PhotoPaint tell me the image is 56 KB sized (!) What is wrong ? Where is the image with 1920x1440 pixels ...
  25. G

    "Record Producer from Dimension X"

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I've written a novel called "Record Producer from Dimension X." It's a satire of the music business. There are so many things to make fun of that it practically wrote itself. :D I've made a website for it. I'm going to post 3 chapters a week, so...
  26. G

    Creating Dimension In Mixing- PDF available on Request (11..

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Creating Dimension In Mixing The best sounding mixes contain dimension and perspective where you can actually visualize depth in a performance. To achieve this you need to understand how direct sound, reflected sound and reverb work and how to...