Apr 18, 2010
Hi All,

I am going to setup the home theatre in my hall, coz i had to put my kitchen in my home theatre room ;)
All i have is this room, i drew something in basic paint to show the dimension, attached is the pic. I will be siting at arround 10 or 13' from the screen. I can keep my projector from 13' to 20' anywhere in the top.

I can't move the sofa far behind as it is used for other things, projector can be moved back, not sure if i stand, i may block the rays, giving my shadows in the screen, so not sure about moving back the projector. Need you help here.

As for projector specs, i want 1980 hd projector, and my price range is around $1000. I will be using it for movies, games connected from my ps3 and pc.

So now need your thoughts and good projector, short throw? longer lens life? need your inputs.. thanks all..

by the way, the p - rose thing in the pic represents the projector in the ceiling..

This is a great resource for planning out a projector based home theater.

Given the width of your room (10' or 120"), you're probably looking at a screen that is no more that 110" in length (unless you're just projecting onto a white wall). Using the linked calculator, you could probably go up to about a 120" diagonal image (or 104" length). Sitting 10' away with a 1920x1080 resolution, you should be in theater heaven! :D

However, with a budget limit of $1000 and 1080p requirement, your choice of projectors is extremely limited (Newegg 1080p projectors under $1000). I would probably opt for the Optoma HD20 in your case. For a 10' diagonal screen, the throw distance in just over 14'. It has two HDMI inputs as well as a component video input.

There are other considerations you need to look at before purchasing though:

1) If the projector is ceiling mounted, how are the video cables going to get there?
2) What about audio? Where are the speakers going to be located and where are those wires going to be?
3) Light sources. Are you able to control the ambient lighting?

Just for reference, here's my setup. This image is a bit out-dated as I've moved my rear speakers next to the projector and I'm using the HDTV as my "B Channel" speakers. My projector is the BenQ MP610,

Hope this helps get you started.

-Wolf sends


Apr 18, 2010
hi all...

Yeh i have done the setup abt an year ago.. still if u want to see..

here are the spec..
Inputs : my PC (hdmi 1), wd media player (hdmi 2), my lappy (hdmi 3), sundirect (composite)
Storage : iomega 2 TB network storage, 1 TB external, PC (1 TB) and lappy (500 GB)
Output : 22' monitor (for PC and TV), Optoma HD20 projector (for all)
processor : yamaha rx v367 with ipod dock
speaker: energy take 5.1

the exiting part, uploaded a bunch of pics for you all....
HT pics link in Picasa

Thanks again for all who has helped me.. and fyi, my room is 20'X10' for which the energy with yamaha v367 seems to satisfy my ears which is sensing a HT for the first time.. i am satisfied