Question Spilled coffee on my Asus Laptop

Dec 25, 2019
I spilled some coffee near my laptop, thought it didn’t reach the keyboard, wiped it out but half an hour later some strange purring sounds started happening than some of the keyboard ( the numbers) stopped working. I took off the battery, put the laptop face down to dry near my heater.. Anything else I could do?... I am not a very technical person, and I couldn’t open the laptop myself. Also, all the services are closed tomorrow for Chrismas. Should I try restarting it tomorrow ?
You need to disconnect anything connected to it. Power, headphones, speakers, anything. Then open it up as much as possible. Open up anywhere that the coffee could have even remotely gone. Then leave it open to dry for a few days. Yes, I said days. The more liquid the more time.

If there is say milk, creamer, sugar, etc., then you are talking way more sticky stuff after the liquid has dried.

Once you are certain it is dry (and don't skimp on the time) then you will need to clean out all of the interior (anywhere it could possibly get) with something like isopropyl alcohol. Anything other than clear water leaves a residue.

Then when you are done cleaning it, again leave it to dry for a day or two.

Only after this would I put it back together and try starting it up.
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