Spilled noodle soup on my laptop, some keys bugging out, what should I do?


Oct 10, 2015
I splashed a small amount of noodle soup onto my laptop, the places where it splashed are now bugging out; my mouse pad is pretty unresponsive, the a, b and n keys don't work, pressing either y or 7 makes it type y7, and the volume buttons press themselves every now and then. I took the button tops off and pressed the little inside button thing and it still does it, so I think the damage is definitely inside.

I hadn't realised any damage had occurred at first, I just thought the soup had made the mousepad a little greasy or something, it wasn't until I tried typing that I realised what was wrong and took the battery out/ put it upside down.

Luckily, there seems to be no problems with the laptop itself, just the keyboard, any advice aside from leaving it off/ unplugged/ upside down for a day or two? Not sure if putting it in rice would do anything as it was literally three drops that landed on it rather than being soaked through.

UPDATE: The mouse and y/7 keys are working fine now, but a, b and n are still busted. Leaving it overnight, but I think a new keyboard is likely needed.