Split headphones from speakers + Realtek Audio manager issues

Oct 25, 2014
Today I bought a pair of headphones from Razer: the Carcharias ones. I plugged them in my computer (an asus laptop) and they worked well - I could hear sounds and music and stuff into my headphones so I assumed everything was fine. When I tried to have a Skype conversation with a friend of mine though, the call automatically cancelled saying there was an issue with the audio port. I check my playback devices and I found out the headphones and the speakers were counted as the same device - means that my headphones mic weren't working and the computer wasn't making a difference between the speakers and the headphones. Thus I tried researching online for solutions and found out it happened to many people. Now comes my second issue: I read almost everywhere that to solve this issue, I had to split the speakers from the headphones. To do so, I had to open my Realtek Audio Manager and change some stuff in the Advanced Settings tab. Here's my issue: I don't have any advanced settings tab. I took a screenshot of my Realtek Audio Manager so you guys can see what I'm talking about:

When I click the yellow thingie in the top right corner, it only gives me the option of disabling or enabling a popup dialog, nothing else.

And just in case you're also willing to help me with my headphones issues, here is a screenshot of my playback devices. 'Show disabled devices' is enabled.

I am desperate. I paid these headphones 70€ specifically to use them on Skype and they don't work, and of course the mic doesn't work either. Besides, I'm concerned about my Realtek Audio Manager which doesn't have an advanced settings tab. If anyone could help me, I'd be really thankful. Also, please excuse my poor english, it isn't my native language.

Thank you in advance.
Oct 25, 2014

I updated the drivers as you told me to do, but my Realtek manager is still the same, except that it now shows the microphone of my Razer headphones. I think it's a great improvement, but the headphones themselves still don't show up in the Realtek manager nor in the playback devices. I am currently unable to call anyone on Skype to check if the call would still fail or not like it did before, but I believe it still won't work, as the speakers and the headphones are still not shown as separate devices. Here's a screenshot of what the Realtek audio manager now displays:


Aug 7, 2015
I'm also having exactly this issue on a brand new 2015 Lenovo y50. Microphones are not shown. I am sure that I saw them yesterday, though (might have been under Windows 8, though)

You're lucky... You have the little folder in the top right that lets you change things!

I have searched everywhere, and can't find any solutions - on most of them there is a little folder in the top right that you can click on, but not in mine.

I recently did the upgrade to Windows 10, and I have a feeling that perhaps that broke stuff.

I have tried rolling back. I have installed 4 different versions of the driver, some directly from lenovo for Windows 10, others directly from Realtek. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. In safe mode and not. I even started trying to hack away in the Registry without luck. I also went back to an old System Restore which I thought had working audio, but had no luck there, either.

One thing that I did notice is that the headphones are acting as rear speakers in a surround setup, even though "Speaker Configuration" is set for Stereo and gray as you can see in the speaker. If I "mute" the speakers in Realtek HD Audio Manager, it mutes the main speakers on the laptop but not the headphones - which still play the surround sounds.

It seems that my Realtek config settings are simply LOCKED. No matter what I do, I can't change the configuration and I can't get audio out to external headphones or speakers!

Please help!
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