Question Ssd issue

Oct 14, 2020
Hi all, i recently purchased a sandisk 240gb ssd drive in order to upgrade my old asus laptop. While setting up windows 10 i got a repeating error. I switched with an older laptop (compaq presario) and it worked perfectly. After windows setup has finished, i put back the ssd in my asus laptop but this time i get an error saying windows has encounter a bad startup and the disk must be formatted and reinstall windows.
What can be wrong? Of course not the ssd. I suspect an incompatibility or a memory failure or else but i don't what. Please an advice. Thanks
Oct 14, 2020
Hi and thx for helping.
The repeating error saying that win10 setup cannot continue due to (hex number) error and right after the drive disappears from drive list. I did setup win10 with my older presario laptop without any issue. But when i put the disk back in my asus, once again gives me a startup error. I will have a snapshot of the screen so you can have an idea of what it could be. Thx


Oct 11, 2020
you cannot install window on one computer then move it to another, different motherboard, different hardware, different drivers. Most of the time it just will not work.

what is the full model of the asus?
Oct 14, 2020
This is the wrong approach. You have to insert the SSD in the new laptop then boot the Windows installation. Otherwise, you'll keep facing the issue.
Please confirm your laptop model so we can guide you accordingly.
Oct 14, 2020
Hey guys,
sorry for the delay coz i'm working on night shift:sleep:.
Well, i've been told to first setup win10 on one laptop and then put back the ssd to my asus which i'm upgrading. Windows will then install necessary drivers and continue to upload normally.
My asus is a K50i laptop series and my presarion is CQ61.
Installing win10 normally doesn't help. Still getting errors saying setup cannot continue.
I tried Diskpart work around changing from GPT to MBR and vice versa.
I start thinking my asus is incompatible, I was suspecting maybe a memory issue...
Any advice guys?
Thank Y'all for helping
Had a similar problem with an IBM Thinkpad with core 2 duo CPU, since I think windows 10 version 1709 it won´t run. Most probably because of a BIOS issue not supporting a feature to run windows properly. The CPU should be able to run win10 without problems but the BIOS won´t be updated from the manufacturer and therefore win10 is not usable.

Try a Linux Distribution like Ubuntu or Mint if you wanna use it with an up to date operating system.
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