Static/white sound while GC is running


Oct 23, 2016
Hello everyone. I've got a ROG G552 since last year, since then no problems.

About two weeks ago, something appeared, when the graphic card is sollicited (games, but not all of them, low ressources ones like stellaris are fine) I got a very annoying static sound.

To describe this sound: it's not a continious one, only in pulses, never more than 1sec of noise without an interruption, but a continious experience nonetheless. It appears the more and the longuer the graphic card is sollicited, the more this sound will be present.

I've used the last week trying to solve this problem and gathering experiences about it, none of the solutions I've found online worked.

It's not a coil sound, as the sound it make is more of an intermitent white noise than a high pitched one. I've clean updated both my audio and graphic cards drivers (Covenant and NVIDIA), tried a tweak using windows repair, tried on my speakers, 3 differents headphones, with and without electromagnetic armor
then, As the newbie in electronics that I am, I thought that something was parasiting (even with the electromagnetic shielding) and turned off my phone, then my desk fan, then my wireless mouse, nothing helped

At this point, I'm pretty much hopeless and salty that this problem happened two weeks after the one year garranty expiration.. If anyone out there got a miracle in storage for me, that would be super helpful...

Thanks guys!