SteelSeries 5HV2 Soundcard- Will it work with any other headphones?


Sep 5, 2011
So, I've been wanting a surround sound experience for a while now, but the thing is I don't own a customisable PC. No, i own an ASUS N73VS laptop that runs games quite well.
As I can't actually add a PCI sound card, I was looking for a USB soundcard like the Creative Recon3d, but cheaper.
Steelseries have a really good soundcard, the Siberia USB. I looked it up on ebay and I came across a LOT of really cheap deals on a similar steelseries card, the one that the 5HV2 uses.
Now, as you can imagine, i was delighted, before I realised that the card might not work with headsets that are NOT the 5hv2 or made by steelseries.

So, will the soundcard(the 5hv2 one) work with any headphones that have 3.5mm mic and audio jacks, or do the headphones need to be steelseries-made?
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