Straight talk vs us cellular


Dec 2, 2012
I'm a truck driver I go across the US. I have us cellular now thinking of changing to straight talk. Will straight talk have Good enough coverage for me.. us cellular works good but costly...
Straight Talk runs on AT&T and Verizon towers therefore it should have very good coverage. The main complaint about Straight Talk is their customer support. You'll need to deal with people who's 1st language is not english. Otherwise, people seem to like it. Alternatives are Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Both are on the Sprint network. US Cellular and Sprint have an agreement where they can use either others towers.

Boost only offers unlimited plans and can start off being somewhat expensive, but the cost does go down over time. Basically there are 3 different monthly unlimited plans; $60 for Blackberry, $55 for Android, $50 all other smartphones like Windows. Every 6 months of usage the plan drops by $5; this ends after 18 months or $15. So an Android phone will initially cost you $55 to use per month, but eventually drops to $45 per month. Boost mobile is generally good for people who talk a lot, and while monthly plans starts out more expensive than Virgin Mobile, they eventually become cheaper.

Virgin Mobile offers a few different plans all have unlimited data and text so the only difference is minutes. $35 gets you 300 minutes, $45 gets you 1,200 minutes, and $55 is unlimited minutes. Virgin Mobile is great for those people who mainly use their phones for data and text and don't want to wait for Boost's "plan shrinkage" to bring the monthly fee to $35 (for non Android and Blackberry phones).

As a truck driver, I will assume talking is more important to you than data and text so I think Boost will be better for you.