Strange noise from laptop. Is it the hard drive or the fan?


Sep 30, 2013
My brand new laptop makes a constant, grinding noise. Since the HDD and the fan are the only moving parts in this laptop (no optical drive) the sounds must be coming from one or the other. So is there any way to find that out without opening the case?

Some more info
- the noise is present at all time even when the machine is idle
- it gets louder sometimes but is usually quiet
- though it is noisier than the gentle hum of, what I assume, is the fan
- the noise can also be described as a creaking, static noise
- I've heard the same noise before while using way older laptops. I figured this was normal for an aging machine but this one is only one month old.

From the way you describe it, it is probably from the CPU heatsink cooling fan. If it is the fan, you will notice that the sound gets louder (or fainter) depending on the usage of the laptop (what and how many programs are running simultaneously).

Since the laptop is new take it back to the store and ask one of the technicians about this noise. It may be normal for that brand, size, and model of your laptop.