Stuck at "Starting Windows"!


Nov 29, 2017
Hey there, dear community
So this problem started 3-4 days ago and i'm just sitting here all day trying to fix this issue, but no hope.
Sometimes it gets past the "Starting Windows" but when its starting up, 2-3 mins later, the laptop freezes (cant even move the mouse or caps lock)
Oh and it's just overheating sometimes where it turns off suddenly, just started 3-4 days ago as well
I didn't install any new software and this just happened out of nowhere

So here's what i tried so far

  • System Restoring to an earlier point but it says failed to system restore

    Going into recovery mode and running a repair, it also shows an error when it's done scanning

    Running CMD from recovery mode and trying to fix to the GRUB loader using fixmbr(because i uninstalled kali linux 5 days ago and i thought that what caused the problem but it turned out not to be the case)

    Updated the BIOS, no hope

    Reset the BIOS to factory settings, also no hope

    Got into safe mode, installed an antispyware program, installed AVG, and CCleaner, and MALWAREbytes, scanned for malware and spywares, there were some trojans, i removed those, still no hope..

    Got into safe mode, disabled all startups and services (except the microsoft services)... no hope

    Tried doing a clean boot, no hope

    Partially disassembled the laptop and the keyboard, tried to clean the fan (not completely though) and no hope

    Removed all USBS while booting, no hope

    Did a hard reset, no hope

    Did a chkdsk scan, no hope

Brand: HP ProBook 4730s
6GB ram
Windows 7 Ultimate
Laptop age: 3-4 years

Some of my assumptions that this is happening is cause of:

Updated my Windows (i never usually update cause ik it causes issues)
Having no antivirus (only malwarebytes)
I'm sure its not cause of the HDD
Maybe i have to reinstall windows all over again?

Ill not give up, or if i did, id take it to a repair store but most of these stores just tell me its cause of the motherboard when they dont even know what they're doing!
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