Stuck on Asus Logo and functions not working. what to do?


Nov 3, 2016
My laptop is Asus X550ZE,AMD processor(A10, Quad core, Radeon dual graphics).
I bought it last year. originally it has a windows 8 installed and then updated to windows 10. but since i am not satisfied with wnidows 10 i formatted it and installed a windows 7 OS. it has installed successfully but when i was about to start installing my software applications my laptop just automatically rebooted and then that's it, It's stuck on Asus Logo.

i tried all the things i know: (f2(bios utility setup), f1(safe mode), f8, f9,f10,f12) but the functions is not working and it's not doing anything.

i can't also remove battery because it is non-removable.

PLEASE HELP!! i need my laptop for my study.
Dies it turn on at all past the BIOS? If it does not even reach the BIOS, try reseating the RAM and hard drive or try different RAM.

The laptop does not even have Windows 7 drivers for it from Asus.