Solved! Stuck on tablet set up - no internet connection

Jul 16, 2020
My Mum has a Protab model PTBT60M10BLK. I bought it for her roughly 3 years ago.
She only just told me now that she hasn’t used it for two years because all of a sudden it wouldn’t connect to the Internet.

I had a look and she was correct, it says ‘Connected, no internet’

I tried resetting WIFI settings, forgetting and reconnecting to the WIFI. Connecting to Telstra Air instead, connected to a hot spot off my phone and all the same issue...

There were no options at all anywhere to edit any of the WIFI settings literally just a forget and that was it. I followed another forum that said to do a factory reset... well now I’m stuck even further.

As you can see from this video
The tablet now won’t even let me get past the first screen to start it up as it cannot connect to the internet.

Is there any hope for the tablet or is it game over?
this is the only other screen I can bring up:

I’ve wiped data and cache.