Suggestion for 12"~13" laptop or ...


Feb 22, 2006

I need to replace my aged DM1Z (11.6" with AMD E350) with something with a working webcam.
This is my "kitchen" PC: I use it mostly for video/music playback, casual browsing, emailing, Voip calls/video.
- Screen size no larger than 13". 11.6"~12" preferred. NO 10~11" tablets.
- Power is not really an issue: the E350 is definitely not fast, by any standard, but it does its tasks. I think anything available today is considerably faster anyway
- Large storage (500GB minimum)
- Supports Skype (which for now it excludes Chromebooks)
- Cheap. I'd like to be below $400
- Decent resolution. The DM1Z has 1366 x 768, which at 11.6" is OK. Not great, but OK. Anything larger than 11.6" should have something better though. Full HD would be nice.

I haven't found anything that fits these specs.
If you go cheap, the screen size goes straight to 15.6" (too large for this application) and the resolution stays at 1366x768.

I was also thinking about an alternative though: is there something that can do wireless video nowadays?
Because it would be nice if I could have wireless keyboard/screen connected, for example, to something like a Zotac ZBOX.
I don't need the portability and the battery of a laptop, but I need it's compact size and I need to be able to move the screen around. With this setup, I could get a larger screen (15~16", for example), maybe with integrated speakers.

Thanks in advance.