Suggestions for speakers to use with my PC?


Aug 30, 2017
I'm going to be buying a new desk for my PC and moving into a different room, along with this I've been looking to get a set of speakers to use at my own leisure.

I'm a small time streamer and I play games daily on my PC, FPS like PUBG and Arma 3 etc... with this being a factor i was looking into surround sound systems, since i was going to be getting a corner desk (L-Shaped) something like the Logitech Z506 peaked my interest. However I also listen to music sometimes and something that would really fill the room would be nice. My budget is anywhere around 100$ (40$ range give or take). I've also been looking at the Logitech Z533 speakers cause I'm not fully set on surround sound yet. Also, I haven't ever really set up speakers, I'd imagine it's pretty straight forward plug them in wire it then drivers but I've heard there are amplifiers sometimes needed (excuse my ignorance please). Anything you guys can suggest or help me out with is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Motherboard: MSI Pro Series Intel Z270
(If there's any important information I've left out let me know and I'll respond)


Aug 15, 2007
For music, I on the other hand have a 2.1 logitec Z-2300 setup with a pair of MISSEL bookshelf speakers replacing the plastic satellites.
They are loud and the bass is amazing! For gaming I would use a surround sound headphone with mic setup. there is just too much bleed and sometimes feedback/echo from a speakers and mic setup.
Hope this helps!