Surround sound from PC to Projector


Sep 20, 2013

I have two issues with my set up and have exhausted all workarounds I have available, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out!

I recently replaced my TV with a BenQ W8000 projector, and immediately run into issues as I couldn't get sound out of my PC at all, I found a workaround by connecting the HDMI from the PC directly to the Projector, and an optical audio cable to the Bose V35 from the PC. However I don't receive surround sound, only stereo.. I kind of just gave up and lived with that, and tried to watch more stuff on bluray or cable to get the better sound.

However lately I've had a really annoying problem and even the people at a professional Hifi store nearby had never heard of the issue; sometimes when I play bluray discs there is no audio at all, just broken high pitched noise.
This never happens when I stream from the PC, only from my bluray player.
If the movie or series has sound in the menus its always normal, however when I hit start it sometimes appears, and there is no quick fix either, I just keep rebooting machines (Bose, Projector, bluray player) and at some point it works normal like nothing had happened, however it is horrible to restart for 5-15 minutes when you try to watch something. It doesn't happen very often, I'd say between every 5th and 10th launch, and once it happened when I rewinded a movie that had worked fine until then.
It never happens when I pause or stop and play, only when I launch or rewind.

Thank you everyone for your time, and please if anyone has any tips for either issue I am all ears!
Assuming that you can't set the optical out of the PC to output in 5.1 in the audio control panel and you can output in surround sound via HDMI you can use an HDMI input selector with audio extraction. That will provide a 5.1 optical audio out for all sources connected to the selector. Connecting the BD player to this switch might help too.
You might also try changing the default audio settings in the BD player. On some discs the default audio might not be able to pass through the TV.
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