Tapping into existing speaker. Now making a popping sound.


Aug 13, 2016
Hi! Ok I have a 2008 vw passat with the monsoon audio. Ok so here's what I did. I
I wanted a Lil more boom with what I had. So I remembered I had a factory bose sub. Think it's 6 inch. I didn't want to install a amp. Just use what I have. So I decided to tap into existing speaker wiring harness. drivers side back door. Ran the wire. Put it in my trunk. So it works. And sounds good to. But when I put it loud to hear the base, the speaker I tapped In to makes a popping noise. But only at a certain volume. Only when its cranked up. Not when its low. I know it's not the best way to hook it up or add another speaker. It sounds great, just not loud. Can someone please explain to me why it's making the popping noise? And how to fix it or what should I do so it won't make that popping sound. Thanks.