Tether droid with WIFI Or Bluetooth


Feb 2, 2010
So question here. My droid is rooted. I am using the wifi teather app. It can tether via blutooth or wifi. Both seem to give me the same speed quality so no issue there. The real question I have is batter life.

I will be primarly teathering this to my Ipad. (Don't bash me my work gave it to me for free) I jailbroke it and successfully teather it to my droid via blutooth and wifi no issues.

Eviromental variables. the phone will be in my pocket and the ipad in my hand. The farthest it will get from my phone while tethered is the back seat of my car. Range is not an issue for my usage needs.

I would prefer to use blutooth as i always have that antenne turned on for use with other bluetooth devies that i have such as my car stero for streaming pandora.

i see the wifi teather program has an option to reduce the transmit power of the wifi. Does the droid support this feature? And if emplyed will i get better battery life tether over this reduced wifi vs blutooth?

For those who skip to the end here is a summery of questions.

1. Wich tethering mode gives best battery life WIFI or BLUTOOTH?

2. Range is not an issue

3. Getting internet from 3g.


Apr 21, 2010
They both use wireless connection, so I guess there will be a non-significant difference between the 2 methods. You can try either method for one day and see for yourself. Also, the results of this tests depends on the hardware specs, people with different phones will get different results.
If I were to use my "gut" feeling, I would say BT gives better battery life, but I might be wrong for your setup.