The best gaming phones of 202x


Aug 1, 2018
Does the poco f2 pro not compare? bc from what ive seen the only draw back is 60hz display. and thats not truly a drawback for a cellphone. considering its on par with redmagic 5g ect... so may i ask why is the flagship killer not on the list? lol
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Dec 24, 2021
The best gaming phones won't let you down in the heat of battle. Here are our top picks.

The best gaming phones of 2020 : Read more
I used to follow Tom's Guide since I was in highschool & there were really fleshed out comparisons in such articles ... But recently, most posts are iPhone-centric (if that's passable as a term)
In all honesty, I came here looking for a way to contrast brands before I level up from my ROG 3 ... Looking for non contradictory reviews basing on detailed perks that apply to actual gaming.

On seeing that the iPhone 13 was number one, I smelled bias
Sure the 5nm chip works wonders but the iOS platform misses out on open source perks so there aren't many accessories / peripherals nor titles that you can enjoy
Take the Asus dock for example ... Giving you a PC experience at home with the key mapping while the Kunai pads give you a console experience (like any other snappy pads) but their perk is in having the mobile console experience ... Nostalgic when playing PsP games ... Hyper fusion, dual band wifi ... We all know that connectivity is a decider when playing multiplayer games ... But this article makes mention of cameras (not making any AR references btw ... More so it wouldn't matter) ...
Man ... Forgive me for ranting but you can't make an all round ranking and base the final outcome with some things that hardly count and then leave out the plethora of perks others have

The ROG 5 doesn't merely heat easily
It dispenses heat away from the processor easily... So don't be touching the heat sink. -_-

It's really disappointing to see someone create a ranking of GAMING PHONES and puts the first gaming phone at number 3 then goes a step further and says one of the cons is "gamer asthetic not for everyone" ... Dude! Gaming phones aren't for everyone... Many are called, few are chosen. This is disappointing
It's like creating a ranking for supercars and you put a Rolls Royce at 1st (crediting its comfort) and puting a Lamborghini 3rd (and complains about its aggressive design)

I'm sure most mobile gamers failed to complete reading this article due to obvious reasons
Apr 11, 2022
You're right, I DID fail to read the entire article. You make some good points, but my main issue: not only are some of the top phones in this list lacking a headphone jack, which should disqualify a phone from being a good "gaming phone" imo, but the bullet points for each phone make no mention of whether they have headphone jacks or not.

That makes this article basically useless for me.
Sep 23, 2022
When I saw the rog 6 at #3 I already knew I was in for some bs of a ranking lmaoo. ("You" is referring to the author of the actual blog post")

1. How are you going to put OnePlus 10 Pro at #2 and OnePlus 10T at #7 when the 10T was literally made to be the better performing gaming variant. They cut back on various other aspect of the phone including the camera in exchange for better performance. Wild Life Extreme Stress Test(20 minutes): 10 Pro (went from a loop score of 2618 to 1631, 62.3% stability), 10T (went a loop score 2827 to 2537, 89.7%) There is a clear winner here. Sustained performance is a key part of what makes a good gaming phone.
You literally said it yourself:
-"OnePlus 10T offers a less expensive option"
-"The Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 delivers a performance boost over the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1"
-"The OnePlus 10T also features a new cooling system to keep the phone from overheating during marathon gaming sessions"
So...10T is cheaper, better performing, and has a better cooling system and yet somehow the 10 Pro is better lul.

2. Why is a Pixel on this list of gaming phones. Even Google's newest Tensor 2 chip that is to be released with their 7 series performs worst than Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and we already have Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. And in a couple of months Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is coming out so the Tensor chip is going to fall even more behind. There's also heating issues when gaming with the phone. Google Pixel isn't a gaming phone and it wasn't meant to be. It's a flagship level phone with a huge emphasis on camera and videography. It works as a daily driver for those that mostly use it for work, messaging, social media, apps, youtube, etc...which is why they can offer it at a lower price point than other flagships because they don't need to deck the phone out with the best performing specs.

3. If we are talking about gaming phones, the red magic 7s pro should be way higher on this list. Rog 6 at #1 and 7s Pro at #2. In terms of performance, the phone rivals that of the Rog 6, and the cooling fan inside the 7s pro isn't just a gimmick. Also why are you factoring in camera quality for a gaming phone ranking. You think someone that is looking to buy a gaming phone is concerned about camera quality? Also, that under displa camera is something that I really liked about the phone and hope more companies would adopt it unlike iphone's giant ugly notch. I was hoping they get rid of it, but instead they decided to embrace it with the dynamic island thing. It even gets in the way of gaming and blocks the controls for some games...

4. Another thing about gaming phones is their ability to dissipate heat. That's why these phones are thick and hefty because of the advance cooling system to prevent phone from overheating and allow users to play games for long durations without much drop in performance. Normal flagship phones may start off fine, but give it like 15 minutes and the phone will start to get hot and/or performance starts to greatly deteriorate. Gaming phones like the rog 6 has a power external cooling accessory people can use to greatly cool the phone down using the side usb-c port and the kunai gamepad gives users different gaming experiences - use bluetooth and use the kunai as a regular controller, or you can attach the controllers to the phone itself and now you got a nintendo switch like gaming experience.
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Feb 11, 2023
To the author...tell me you're an iPhone fan boy without telling me lol. All actual gaming phones 4 star but the iPhone has a 5 star? What a joke lol.
Aug 18, 2023
The best gaming phone list 2023 couldn't be more wrong..I have personally used every phone on there with the exception of one. I'm not swayed by advertising or perks.. just an avid gamer that has real world experience with the phones on the list.. although red magic has some software issues related to daily use , the red Magic 8 pro stops the competition in the dirt..Asus rog is the close in competition to Red Magic.. when talking gaming phones cameras mean deadly squat.. gamers don't buy gaming phones to take selfies, let's be real..
iPhones are really good for the first 15 minutes after that I don't care what anyone says you're going to experience frame drop, stuttering and lag.. what they are good for is frying an egg on that a16 bionic chip cuz they've failed in the department of heat dissipation.
Again I say ,I speak from real world experience and gaming on these phones for long hours to test them.
The only way the phones on the list can keep up with the red Magic 8 pro is by putting a cooler on the back of the phone as close to the chip as possible.. benchmark tests are just relative and don't mean much because they are not done under strict controlled condition..
People want to buy a good gaming phone talk to someone that has actually used it for long periods of time