The Galaxy S24 Ultra could beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max with AI — here's how

Nov 10, 2023
Author says "As an example, Samsung says that AI Translate Call will give users a personal translator so audio and text translations will appear in real-time as you speak. That’s pretty nifty, but I don’t know how often people call others who speak another language." Would you sir like to know HOW often people call others who speak another language? Let me provide you with some answers as you saying that makes me feel a bit uneasy in your mental abilities re: technology. ..
Imagine living in let's say here in NYC where you only speak English. 90% of the Bodegas both owners and employees and 90% of the restaurant employees ONLY SPEAK English. This personal translator on phone calls and text messages will work when you have to call for staples for your belly. It would've helped me greatly in 2015 when I needed a translator for my mechanic who only spoke Spanish and my Spanish is limited.

So yes it actually would come in handy especially in big cities. So stop having a muffled view on the world 😊.