The new Your Phone App for Windows 10: Yay or Nay?


This week, speakers at Microsoft Build announced that a new app called Your Phone will coming out for Android and iOS. It's going to be a way to connect your phone to Windows 10 and allowing you to share data, answer text messages, and swap photos without ever looking down to your device.

There's something to be said about Microsoft trying to work with the demand of the mobile market, especially since they've abandoned their Windows Phones Manufacturing plans. The question is: Do you see yourself fitting this new program into your life? Is it something you're even interested in? Has the news answered any questions you have on the program?

Personally speaking: I'm not sure if an application like 'Your Phone' will make a personal improvement in my life, but I can see it being applicable for small businesses and for remote workers across the world. I'd like to see more technical data on how the app works before making the jump.

Let me know what you think!


Microsoft Build was this week!? Shows you that I'm paying attention.

I think 'Your Phone' would be super helpful for adults that need to monitor data usage on their plans. I am curious to see how Microsoft handles Privacy issues, especially after Facebook and Google showed their bottoms over data leaks and the Cambridge Analytical Scandal.


Aug 29, 2017
Maybe if Microsoft didn't tank on the phones, they'd get a little more hype for the app.

I don't think this will be something I want on my desktop for personal use. If I had a work computer and work phone? Maybe.