The perfect laptop - Price is not an issue. Which one?


Sep 16, 2013
I'm looking a stylish laptop (think Macbook or HP Envy) with a 15 or preferably 17 inch Full-HD screen, Intel Core i7-4900MQ or better CPU, and space for at least two SSD's in RAID.

Ideally it would also have a fingerprint scanner, 100 kWh+ battery, Kensington lock, DisplayPort or Thunderbolt connection and gorilla glass.

Does such a thing exist? The closest match seems to be the HP ENVY 17-j029nr but it won't let me upgrade CPU or HDD unfortunately.

Graphics card isn't very important, but sound quality and design definitely are. Price is not an issue. What laptop would you recommend?


Feb 10, 2012
You're going to need to get out of the "big brand" box if you're needing something special, especially if price isnt an issue. Personally, I would look at or Malibal offers some models engineered with desktop hardware inside, which is better performance-wise than the mobile, but I dont think that DS does, although you may like the look of theirs better, since "stylish" is an issue. There are quite a few others out there as well, Sager, Mythlogic, Origin, the only one I would hands-down NOT recommend is Alienware. They suck now that Dell took them over.